Production of standard layers as well as demanding special layers, such as reflection-reducing layers, reflective layers and beam splitter layers

Refractioning and centralised data gathering, video centering system

Consulting, sales and delivery of spectral frames, lenses and contact lenses according to the needs assessment, as well as sport glasses of different sports, safety goggles and individual production for work areas (for instance pilots, laboratory technicians, musicians, computer scientists, ...) Custom products for patients (e.g. glass prosthesis, albinos, amputee, ptosis...)

Adaptation of contact lenses, CL adaptation for operative preparation

Refraction as well as the supply of glasses and magnifying visual aids in old people’s homes, hospices and prisons/penal systems, acute wards of the psychiatry and hospitals as well as home visits

Work as job-hopper, sickness cover and holiday replacement

All shop or studio work as well as custom products and control of the manufacture / purchase orders

Consulting and sales of reading glasses and special visual aids

Handling of complaints

Intervention, first aid and forwarding of emergency patients

All common decoration and sanitary measures, Administration and merchandise planning, organisation and preparation and performance of promotion events, accounting / tax return for self-employed persons and persons with earned income, administration homepage

General acts of managing directors

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